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JFJ Pest Control

Year Round Residential & Commercial Pest Protection

Business License #94480A 

With over 30 Years of experience, JFJ Pest Control is the best choice for pest protection!

JFJ Pest Control employs only certified pest control technicians and is focused on resolving your pest problem in the most timely and cost efficient manner possible. From the moment you call us and describe your pest problem, we will do our best to provide you with a general cost estimate and will also set a date and time to come for a visual inspection of your home or business. Once we are there, we will advise you of the extent of your pest problem, what steps we need to take to resolve it, and how much it will cost. In many cases, we can resolve your issue within our initial visit! 

At JFJ Pest Control, we don't require you to have a yearly contract, so you never have to worry that you will be pressured into purchasing any extra services. Our goal is to resolve the pest issue at hand and to educate you on how best to prevent more pest problems in the future.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about what SERVICES we provide and more ABOUT US! We also have some great preventive pest problem tips on our TIPS page and offer valuable savings on our COUPON page to help you save some money!

Some of the more common pest problems we deal with are listed below, but please check our SERVICES page for a complete list of services we provide. You may also contact us with any questions you may have via our CONTACT page or by simply calling one of the phone numbers listed above. Don't delay! The faster you contact us, the faster your pest problem will be eliminated!


An invasion of this insect can destroy your home. Walls, floors, ceilings and foundations can be permanently damaged. If you think you have them, call us right away!

Wasps & Bees

Aggressive & defiant, these invaders can cause painful stings & be deadly to those persons who are allergic. Do not attempt to remove nests yourself. Call us for safe source removal.


From the cute chipmunk and squirrel to the not so cute rat and mouse, rodents multiply quickly & carry disease. Call us for proper elimination & disposal of these pests.

Bed Bugs

Found in beds, furniture, rugs and linens, bed bugs feed on human blood and can cause rashes and skin irritation. Our professional treatment for infestation is your only solution.

Ants & Spiders

Ants come in many varieties, from those that are just a nuisance to those that can damage your home. Call us to eliminate colonies that can number in the thousands.